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protection of your email address

kontaktinser.at offers you the possibility to answer to other ads without revealing your own email address. This allows you to contact other people without risk. You can decide yourself, when and to whom you give your personal data, if there is enought trust.


Your email address is not revealed to others - neither when you write to other people, nor when they contact you. Nevertheless you can continue using your normal email software when writing to other people.

detailed - contacting other people

If you protect your email address, the recipient will not see your private email address, but a random sender with the domain @blindmail.kontaktinser.at. An answer to this address will be forwarded to you automatically - but only for one answer. This prohibits any unwanted soliciting mails.

In the answering mail the email address of the sender is replaced with another one-time address of @blindmail.kontaktinser.at. This makes your answer go to our server instead of being sent directly to your mail partner. So we ensure with ever new one-time addresses that your personal email address is not revealed to your partner - until both of you really want this and exchange your addresses in the text part of the mail.

detailed - other people contacting you

Mails from other users will be anonymized as well. This is necessary to protect the anonymity of the person writing to you, but also for your own safety. This is the only way we can ensure that your answers are sent over our server where we are able to protect your email address whenever you answer a blindmail.

Important: every anonymized address may only be used once.

This restriction protects you from receiving unsolicited emails. Only after an answer from the mail partner a new, valid email address is generated for one more mail.

If your mail partner does not write back for some amount of time you can only contact him via his or her profile, like you did the very first time. In case of harassment even this can be stopped with the link lock. In this case no further contact is possible.

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