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kontaktinser.at is permanently adapted according to the needs of its users. As there is no commercial background, we are in close contact with our users and implement their wishes. Going this way, kontaktinser.at has some features, which cannot be found elsewhere.

ZIP codes and searching dependent on the distance

kontaktinser.at maintains a list of all valid ZIP codes as well as their exact geographical location. This enables us to filter exactly those ads, which are within a certain distance around your home location. We can thus offer a much more fine grained search system, as it would be based on provinces or regions.

protected email addresses

To protect your privacy we have developed a technique where you can answer to ads via your normal email software without revealing your personal email address (unless you explicitly want to do so). This combines flexibility with anonymity and protects you against unsolicited mail in an almost perfect way.

rich profile data

Many lonely heart ads consist of questionnaires. In most places you can add free texts as well. At kontaktinser.at you also have the opportunity to complement the answers of the questionnaire with free texts to make them appear more vivid. You can add personal preferences and aversions to your profile and search for those of others. Moreover we offer you a substantial list of questions, the answers of which may attract other people.


Mentioned elsewhere, but still important: there is no commercial interest behind kontaktinser.at. This gives you the advantage of neither paying anything for registration, nor for contacting people you find. You will not be pestered with commercial ads or popus at our place, and your email address will only be used to tell you your password and (upon explicit request) to send you an occasional newsletter informing you about changes or matching profiles.

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