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Other sites have much more ads than you do!

This site is still rather young, therefore our member count is not yet at its maximum. Membership with us is free and without any risk to you. Everyone who has the possibility to do so is asked to link to our homepage, in order to increase the number of visitors. Linking your own personal ad is useful as well.

Additionally, as a non-commercial Operator we have no need to rely on a maximum number of members. Commercial ads will be deleted as well as inactive ones or those with invalid email addresses. Certainly this reduces the number of matches, but on the other hand, the chance to meet someone actually interested is increased.

How much does membership cost at your site?

Nothing. We do not charge any money for the publication of lonely heart ads, nor for searching our database and not for contacting other people as well. There are more than enough commercial sites in the net, either hidden or obvious. Our main motivation for creating this platform was to offer a simple, convenient and free alternative. It is, however, necessary to register with us before contacting other people. This simply protects our members from being spammed with commercial mails and advertisments of professional dating agencies and does not impose any costs.

I am from Germany!

Kontaktinser.at has been specially developed for Austria in order to keep expenses at a minimum. There are lots of dating sites without this limitation, you will easily find a suiting one. If you are looking for email contacts or a long distance relationship to Austria, you are welcome. You will only miss one interesting feature, which is to be able to search dependent on the distance between you and your favourite partner.

Why is there no chatroom and no discussion board?

This site is designated as a grapevine in the classical sense - we publish profiles of people who are looking for partners, but we are no community. As this service is privately financed and operated we try to minimize costs and effort. At present this does not leave room for chat rooms and bulletin boards.

Feature xyz is missing!

We try to program as careful as possible. Even though, errors may occur from time to time. In this case, don't panic. If you tell us about the problem (ideally mentioning the exakt URL and a short description of what went wrong), we will take care about it immediately.

I am missing feature xyz!

Suggestions for new features are always welcome. Please submit your ideas directly to us. Please be aware that the programmers work in their spare time, so not every suggestion will be implemented immediately.

I want to save a list of my most favourite personal ads!

This is possible. The easiest way is to use the bookmarks of your browser. Not only different ads, but also search results may be bookmarked and comfortably recalled later on.

Ich will hier raus!

Eine Abmeldung ist jederzeit über den auf der persönlichen Startseite befindlichen Link möglich. In diesem Fall wird Dein Profil mit allen dazugehörigen Daten auf unserem Server gelöscht – weder behalten wir Informationen zurück, noch können wir Dein Profil später wiederherstellen. Solltest Du Deine Meinung danach ändern, musst Du Dich also neuerlich registrieren.

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