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looking for translators

With 2005 kontaktinser.at got multilingual! At the moment we offer our platform in german and in english. However, our goal is to cover all the languages spoken in Austria. Therefore we are looking for people speaking slovakian and italian, but also serbocroatian, turkish, polish or other european languages.

The translation in itself is quite easy, you do not need any special computer or programming knowledge beyond the absolute minimum. These pages contain at about 800 phrases which have to be translated. Special software is available (for Windows as well as for Linux) at no cost to ease the translation process. More important than a profound technical background is therefore a certain amount of spare time. Depending on your speed you should reserve some hours for this work.

Important: all the developers and owners of kontaktinser.at do their work for free and for fun, and to give other people something useful. Therefore we hope it is understandable that we can not pay any money for translations. However, besides the nice feeling of having helped someone you will also get our appreciation, your name on our developers page (linking to your homepage, if you like) and the possibility to show kontaktinser.at as a reference site to your potential customers. Fine?

If you want to help us translating kontaktinser.at into another language then please leave us a short note (please don't forget to mention your email address). We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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