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suggestions to create a lonely hearts ad

Writing lonely heart ads is not easy - especially if you do it for the very first time. The next few paragraphs therefore try to give you some hints which have proven to be useful in practice. We hope that these words are helpful for you and would really like to get some feedback if you have some more suggestions or ideas.

The following sections give some hints of a rather general nature, but are tailored to the special features of kontaktinser.at as well.

your profile

At the first sight the profile seems to be rather clinical to many people. Therefore they tend to ignore some questions and don't answer them. This is not bad in prinicple, but some of these items are used in queries quite often, especially age, size and weight.

Keep in mind as well that if you don't answer the standard questions your affectionately written texts in the other sections will most likely not even be read, because your ad will not appear in any search results.

free texts

At the first sight it is quite tempting: just give some answers in the questionnaire and you have your profile up and running. While this is correct, you surely won't stand out from the mass of other ads this way - and this exactly should be your goal. The more interesting your ad looks at the first glance, the more it will be found, read and - most important - answered.

Free texts catch the eye of the reader immedeately - by their appearance alone. This way they contribute to the presentation of a good personal ad. Kontaktinser.at offers you several different ways to add free texts into your ad: within the profile, at your preferences and aversions and, of course, in the section with the questions and answers. Even if you most likely will not like all the questions there, at least some of them should fit your taste.

allow yourself some extra time

At kontaktinser.at, but while creating your ad on other sites as well, you often have quite a lot of different options to present yourself to the public. It is not easy, but neither necessary to complete all the questions at once.

Please take the time to think over all the questions. Try to consider which of them address you and which sides of yourself you want to present to the public. Read through all the questions first, think about or even sleep over them and answer a few of them each following day.

This ad will be read by other people for the several weeks, so it should be worth investing a little bit of time at the beginning, shouldn't it?

A picture can tell more than 1000 words

Our statistics tell us that ads with pictures are significantly more often looked at, compared to those without. So take your time to select a nice picture of yourself and (if you only have them on paper) to get a proper scan. It is really worth the effort! Ideally you will not take an old passport photograph, but rather a picture showing you alive and in a typical surrounding, if possible.

avoid trivialities

Certain things are simply presumed when dealing with other people - it is quite counterproductive to accentuate them. The wording well-kept for example suggests to a lesser extent the impression of someone especially attractive - the reader may rather fear that the note is necessary in order not to acciedentially lose sight of this attribute. Try to discover and present those things in you, which differentiate you from your friends.

talk about yourself

A common mistake writing personal ads is to primarily define the person you are looking for as well as his or her characteristic attributes. The reader does already know himself, so he is much more interested in you and how you think and act.

Therefore describe yourself, your temper, your ideas of a friendship, relationship or marriage. Tell how other people recognize you - perhaps ask someone among your friends, which impression you make. This will ensure that you are contacted by people, whose perceptions are quite close to yours.

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